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Want to raise your game? Want to increase focus and concentration? Want to control your self in tough times to power through any barriers you may have? Performance hypnotherapy is what you need…

Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself.  You are better than you think…

I combine mind coaching with Hypnotherapy and mental imagery skills to get you to your A GAME, every time.

Hypnotherapy & NLP aren’t just for fixing problems… I specialise in helping people increase their performance and smash their targets. Whether athletically, personally or professionally speaking, I will teach you skills to be able to manage yourself and your thoughts to make sure you are 100% focused.

I can help you to reduce anxiety before the start of a big event and to focus, concentrate and block all other thoughts from your mind.  I will mentally rehearse your event through with you in your mind to overcome and issues you may have before they happen and give you coping skills to manage yourself if the worst does happen.


The psychological is just as important as the physical so why would you not have a mind coach as well as a physical coach? You need to make sure your mind is ready for the performance, and that you have the right mind set to achieve your goals.

I will work with you to set goals, develop your self –efficacy and give you cognitive strategies. We together will look at new ways to achieve your goals. I can help you to keep control of your breathing which is essential in any performance, help you relax, control your inner dialogue, body temperature, turn down pain, get through “the wall” amongst many other techniques.

There are many ways I can help you with performance, if your unsure, send me an email or give me a call and I’d be happy to talk it through with you before you decide.


from our happy patients

Performance Testimonials

After struggling with some mental aspects of my sports performance, I had been researching various ways to improve my approach and fortunately at the same time I noticed that Natasha was looking for new clients, so I jumped at the chance.  My rowing performances were being impacted by a lack of focus and extended concentration during intensive training, and I would often give up when the going got tough and miss the goals my coach had set.

With a looming 4 weeks out, Natasha worked with me to initially understand the underlying factors that led to my challenges, and then put a targeted program of NLP and hypnotherapy in place, in addition to reinforced visual reminders.  2 weeks later I had reached a new personal best in one of my events, and come competition day I executed exactly to the visual planning and programming I had been through with Natasha.  I won my main event (beating the Italian national champion) and coming second in the other event.  I have to give a lot of credit to Natasha for preparing me mentally to get through the tough times and actually believe in my own ability to succeed.  I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their performance (sports or otherwise) to work with Natasha.  The outcomes speak for themselves and I'm looking forward to working with her later this year during the British championships.

Rik Irons-Mclean (Sports Performance)