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Have you always struggled with your weight? Do you long to be fit and healthy? Are you an emotional eater? Do you binge then instantly regret it? Diets not working? Or yo-yo dieting from one fad to the next? Lacking motivation to exercise? Feeling rubbish about your body? Confidence gone?

The body achieves whatever the mind believes…


Most people have struggled with weight at some point in their lives and for some it can be a constant struggle.  Always fighting with yourself about what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat.  I had my own struggles with weight after having 3 children, the third child was extremely hard to lose the baby weight, but with the help of hypnosis and cognitive strategies I am a healthy happy weight, hey I’m no supermodel but I think some curves are good.  I’m happy with body and this is the place I want you to be in happy with yourself.

This is where I can help.  With your full engagement and commitment to wanting to lose weight and become healthier we can find a new realistic you together, a you that’s happy in their own body!

I will design your own personal weight loss treatment plan to really pinpoint what your weight loss issues are, because lets face it everyone is different.  I will not only concentrate on weight loss (or weight gain if that’s what you need) but also on achievements and milestones such as getting into a different sized clothes, or fitting in a certain chair, being able to bend to touch your toes, these are all big achievements and easily reachable with the right plan.  You set the goals and together we will achieve them, I know with the right push you can totally do it!

from our happy patients

Weight Loss Testimonials

I’ve struggled with my weight and motivation to exercise. I’m a holistic therapist myself and open-minded, so thought it would be a great opportunity to try Hypnotherapy. Through the sessions with Natasha, I was able to increase my motivation to exercise and choose healthier food options. My self-worth has also increased and now I’m on a much greater path to healing my relationship with food.

Natasha is very professional, each session was well organised and tailored to my needs. She has a soothing tone to her voice which makes you feel instantly at ease and relaxed. I highly recommend Natasha!

Louise Rooke (Weight Loss)

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