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Is a fear or phobia stopping you from living a full life?  Does something scare you so much you get panicky and anxious?  Do you avoid certain situations because you’re scared?  Do spiders or other insects or animals freeze you with fear?  Do you not go on holidays for fear of flying?

You can conquer almost any fear, if you will only make up your mind to do so…


There are so many different fears and phobias that can stop you from living the life you deserve to live.  Living in constant fear of something is an awful thing to have to endure.  Weather it’s a daily fear, or just when you come into contact with certain situations or things, it can be debilitating, and take over you, causing you to put your life on hold because of it.


I will use relaxation therapy to soothe away your fears in a very safe calm environment.  We use the power of YOUR mind to unlearn the fear or phobia that you have.  Its sounds simple but it takes commitment and engagement from you to be able to unlearn your fears, but together we can do it with any fear or phobia.

There are too many fears or phobias to list but some I have worked on and been successful with are.  Fear of flying, spiders, small spaces, birds, snakes, and also fear of certain social situations.  The fears can be extreme or something you are living with but not happy with.  I will fully assess your fear and phobia to understand how best to treat you.

So please get in touch and we can have an initial chat and then start the process of getting rid of your fear forever!

from our happy patients

Phobias Testimonials

I went to see Natasha for my fear of flying which I have had since the age of 10.  I would be physically sick before getting onto a plane and also the build-up the days before I would become withdrawn and even start watching horror stories about planes so I could prepare myself for the worst. I explained to Natasha and from the start, she was very understanding and sympathetic.

The first session was an eye-opener, I felt like it has worked straight away, although we did do a few sessions after. A few weeks later I went on holiday with my family, without tablets from my doctor this time and when  I got on the plane I was excited!  No sickness, no anxiety and I actually found it exciting when we had turbulence. Natasha is absolutely wonderful and has such a calming voice and nature and I am so thankful that I can now enjoy time with my family without worrying about the flight!

Natalie (Flying Phobia)

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