About Me
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am fully qualified with a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (recognised by the National Council for Hypnotherapy and NCFE) and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner certificate.

I LOVE helping people, throughout my life and my career I have always gone above and beyond to counsel and guide my clients, my peers and my own family. I've always dreamt of turning a natural trait into a career. After a lot of training and studying, I am finally now living that goal and my patients are seeing fabulous results, which is what it's all about...

Why Hypnotherapy?

I had Hypnotherapy along time ago to help with my confidence and I loved the sessions and how it helped me, and it continues to help me overcome any issues I have.

After a lot of study I am able to fulfill my ambition of having my own clinic and being able to help as many people I can live their best possible life without fear and to reach their personal goals.

My main aim in life is to help people. I want to help you overcome any issues you may have, and set you free from these issues holding you back so you can live your life to the fullest.   You may be someone that wants to achieve your top performance if that’s at work or in sports or anything you’re striving for I can help you with this.

Hypnotherapy is a fun engaging process that will enable anyone to make changes if they want to, and I will help you to make those changes, even if its something small, or something big I can help you.  I will teach you new skills that you can use in your life now and going forward that will enrich your life so much more and give you skills that help you to cope when life has challenges.

I live with my partner, and my 3 beautiful children who I adore but also can drive me round the bend!  There are plenty of times I’ve had to use Hypnotherapy on myself to deal with the mini army we created.  I love to laugh and enjoy spending time with my friends and family.  My main hobby is reading, I read A LOT.  I enjoy long walks. The beach is my favorite place in the world, my safe happy place.

I have qualifications at the highest level of education at Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnotherapy. I run my practice from my office at home, which gives me the flexibility to see clients at a time that suits them and me, with full confidentiality.  I’m registered with the The General Hypnotherapy Register and The Professional Hypnotherapy Network and I abide by the strict code of ethics.  I have full insurance and public liability Insurance.

Find out how I can help you!

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From my patients

Natalie (Flying Phobia)

I went to see Natasha for my fear of flying which I have had since the age of 10.  I would be physically sick before getting onto a plane and also the build-up the days before I would become withdrawn and even start watching horror stories about planes so I could prepare myself for the worst. I explained to Natasha and from the start, she was very understanding and sympathetic.

The first session was an eye-opener, I felt like it has worked straight away, although we did do a few sessions after. A few weeks later I went on holiday with my family, without tablets from my doctor this time and when  I got on the plane I was excited!  No sickness, no anxiety and I actually found it exciting when we had turbulence. Natasha is absolutely wonderful and has such a calming voice and nature and I am so thankful that I can now enjoy time with my family without worrying about the flight!

Rik Irons-Mclean (Sports Performance)

After struggling with some mental aspects of my sports performance, I had been researching various ways to improve my approach and fortunately at the same time I noticed that Natasha was looking for new clients, so I jumped at the chance.  My rowing performances were being impacted by a lack of focus and extended concentration during intensive training, and I would often give up when the going got tough and miss the goals my coach had set.

With a looming 4 weeks out, Natasha worked with me to initially understand the underlying factors that led to my challenges, and then put a targeted program of NLP and hypnotherapy in place, in addition to reinforced visual reminders.  2 weeks later I had reached a new personal best in one of my events, and come competition day I executed exactly to the visual planning and programming I had been through with Natasha.  I won my main event (beating the Italian national champion) and coming second in the other event.  I have to give a lot of credit to Natasha for preparing me mentally to get through the tough times and actually believe in my own ability to succeed.  I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their performance (sports or otherwise) to work with Natasha.  The outcomes speak for themselves and I'm looking forward to working with her later this year during the British championships.

Paris Forbes (Anxiety)

I have suffered from anxiety and overthinking for years, I was told about Natasha and her Hypnotherapy opportunities and was excited to try something different to try to calm my anxiety. Straight away I started to see results & felt much more relaxed after my session with Natasha, with her help I can now take my self off to my peaceful and calm place, relax and not overthink situations.  I highly recommend Tash, she’s so amazing, bubbly, smiley and just a great to be around. She brightened up my days in a flash with her caring ways. I've already recommended her to family and friends.  I'm so happy I did this and met Natasha and will definitely be carrying on with hypnotherapy in the future with her.

Louise Rooke (Weight Loss)

I’ve struggled with my weight and motivation to exercise. I’m a holistic therapist myself and open-minded, so thought it would be a great opportunity to try Hypnotherapy. Through the sessions with Natasha, I was able to increase my motivation to exercise and choose healthier food options. My self-worth has also increased and now I’m on a much greater path to healing my relationship with food.

Natasha is very professional, each session was well organised and tailored to my needs. She has a soothing tone to her voice which makes you feel instantly at ease and relaxed. I highly recommend Natasha!